2023 RRC 愛上達仁拉力賽

恭喜 BORDER speed racing 拉力賽車隊 獲得優異的成績


全場最速:尤翊豪 黃俊諺

四傳錦標賽 A組:尤翊豪 黃俊諺

原廠喜美 A組:張瑞紘 張贏予

街車後驅 A組 :唐圓圓 胡孟熹


達仁鄉境內橫跨土坂村與新化村的東68 鄉道與東70鄉道,是由紹雅產業道路與新化產業道路,於終點土坂村新興社部落與起點新化村第三部落,一口氣連接組合而成,認證賽道總長度19.5 公里,此賽段舊名又稱「姑仔崙賽車公路」,是國內目前FIA認證單一山區賽道中,距離最長的SS山路賽段,其沿途風景原始秀麗,放眼望去皆一片翠綠,全國矚目的達仁拉力賽是國內賽車迷心中,永恆的經典賽事之一,在山區的山路上,時常會遇到下雨的情況,銳視雨刷也貼心的幫每台BORDER車隊的賽車,提供了一組專車專用的矽膠雨刷,讓各位車手在行駛當中,遇到下雨或者擋風玻璃有髒物時,可以提供最佳的行車視野。


銳視雨刷也在這次的比賽中 贊助 每台車輛一組矽膠雨刷,讓遇到下雨的時候,可以維持良好的開車視線。


2023 RRC Fall in Love with Daren Rally

Congratulations to the BORDER speed racing rally team for their excellent results


Fastest in the game: You Yihao and Huang Junyan

Four-pass Championship Group A: You Yihao Huang Junyan

Original Ximei Group A: Zhang Ruihong Zhang Yingyu

Street car rear wheel drive group A: Tang Yuanyuan, Hu Mengxi


East 68th Township Road and East 70th Township Road across Tuban Village and Xinhua Village in Daren Township are from Shaoya Industrial Road and Xinhua Industrial Road, ending at Tuban Village Xinxingshe Tribe and starting point Xinhua Village Third Tribe , connected together in one go, the total length of the certified track is 19.5 kilometers. This stage is also known as "Guzilun Racing Road". It is the longest SS mountain road stage among the single mountainous tracks certified by the FIA in China. The scenery along the way is pristine and beautiful, and everything is green as far as the eye can see. The Daren Rally, which attracts national attention, is one of the eternal classic events in the hearts of domestic racing fans. On the mountainous roads, it often rains, and it is hard to watch the windshield wipers carefully. We considerately provide each BORDER team car with a set of specially designed silicone wipers to provide drivers with the best driving vision when it rains or the windshield is dirty.


Rueision Wipers also sponsored a set of silicone wipers for each vehicle in this competition, so that you can maintain good driving visibility when it rains.